Who are we:

We are South African based organisation with the aim of supporting our fellow Pagans, be they local or international. We have assisted fellow Pagans who have moved towns and even countries to connect with like minded people in their areas.

What do we do:

We also arrange annual events driven to bring the community together. They are as follows:

Pagan Freedom Day

In association with the South African Pagan Council, the founders of the Pagan Freedom Day Movement celebrating its 21st anniversary this year.

Midwinter Fairy Festival

Was started 5 years ago buy Blossoming Tansy and is growing in strength every year. This fairy wonderland with all of their stalls and entertainment is not to be missed.

Pagan Heritage Day

Is solely a P.A.N. initiative and has been joined by Blossoming Tansy to bring you the best of our Pagan Heritage. Where you will find stalls sporting hand crafted goods, displays on various trades from wood turning to yarn spinning and even a blacksmith and leather worker. We have entertainment for young and old from magic shows to our resident barbarians battling it out in full armour with live steel.

So for a day to get in touch with your heritage, come and spend the day with us at Pagan Heritage Day.

Where are we going:

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